Spring Thaw on a Mission 5k

All Runners & Walkers are Welcome…

The Spring Thaw – On A Mission 5K is a run/walk/wheel to raise money for local missions/community outreach in Watauga County and surrounding areas. We decided to focus our event to raise money that can benefit our local community – this year we are so excited to announce that our race will be benefiting the North Carolina Firefighters’ Burned Children Fund. Our local firefighters have a local chapter, Watauga County Chapter Firefighters’ Burned Children Fund that raises funds for this very worthy cause.

The Firefighters’ Burned Children Fund (FFBCF), was organized by firefighters concerned about child burn victims across the state. The Firefighters’ Burned Children Fund, Inc. was organized in 1989 to support the recovery of burn patients and to help prevent burn injuries. Other firefighters and organizations across the state responded and joined together to form Chapters of their own. The FFBCF is operated for the sole purpose of raising funds and their most common fund raiser they participate in is saving/recycling aluminum cans. The proceeds earned are then used to provide non-medical assistance to child burn victims, and developing and implementing burn prevention programs. So, we decided to team up with this worthy cause and to support them with the funds raised in this years Spring Thaw On A Mission 5K Run/Walk/Wheel. 100% of funds raised support this cause, there are NO administrative fees

We hope you will join us as we want to share and help support our own community’s endeavors.